The demeanor of Jose Mourinho this last season is a complicated matter, and there are lots to talk about. Everybody knows that a short while after Mourinho signed his contract with the Manchester United, echoes and rumors about the advancement of a book that was soon to be published after the season began were spread by the European media. Supposedly, this book would give the public an intimate and personal portrait of the new coach.

What caught the interest of the press at the moment, was a specific chapter of the story in which there was a talk, some kind of a lack of union in the dressing room of Real Madrid because Essien had celebrated his birthday and only Modrić and Ricardo Carvalho had attended the celebration. For a while, the thing stayed there. Nobody bothered to go beyond the comment, and as usual, most people don’t bother going beyond Twitter to find out the truth behind most news items.

But, it’s important and necessary to go deeper into the news and also, the sources of that news. The author of the book ‘José Mourinho: Up Close and Personal’, Robert Beasley has unleashed a pandemonium of rumours since the publishing of his opus. Allegedly, he wrote the text based on a handful of interviews he had done to the technician throughout his career and a few text messages that had been exchanged. Of course, this was back in 2016, but two years later the couch is facing the consequences.

But beyond the shallowness and lack of fidelity of this biography, from reading what was published, a clear conclusion was drawn: Mourinho, in fact, filters to the press more things than the fanbase could ever imagined. Yes, at the moment he was looking for gossip in the locker room of the Madrid, but he is responsible for passing confidential information to the media throughout his career.

Leaks like the moving of Ibrahimovic to the Barça, or Diego Costa to Chelsea, the Chelsea offers for Rooney, Mourinho himself going to the Real Madrid and then going back to Chelsea… These are some of the big exclusives that, via text message, the technician revealed without authorization, to the author of his book. Also, he wrongly revealed, that Guardiola was going to be signed for Manchester City.

This blunder happened on the same week in which Bayern officially announced the hiring of Pep. A serious mistake, for which Mourinho apologized later. However, at the same time, he blamed Guardiola for having confused him because with the news, of course, Mourinho was pardoned and the accusation that Guardiola had conspired against him, given as valid.

Now, after the resounding elimination of the Manchester United in this season of the Champions League at the hands of the Sevilla team, it’s hardly surprising that Guardiola will also be pointed as responsible for the unlucky event by Mourinho’s biographer. At least this time, the information is what it is, and it has not been necessary to leak anything. And that’s something.