With the 2018 World Cup nearing, English fans are ecstatic that England has secured their spot in the upcoming tournament. Recently, England announced their final squad who will be competing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and there are 23 determined men ready to play their hearts out. There have been many World Cup predictions this year and it’s going to be up to these players to determine if England will be champions. Just who are these players, though? Here is a list of the six best and most talented English football players who will be competing in this year’s World Cup.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is without a doubt, England’s finest player, and has been named captain for the tournament this year and will lead his country in Russia this summer. Kane plays as a striker for Tottenham and made his first appearance in 2011 in a match against Hearts. Over the last few years, Kane has played absolutely amazing, and is looked at as being one of the best center forwards in the entire world. Kane first captained the Three Lions for last summer’s World Cup qualifier in Scotland before he went on to wear the armband three other times. It was decided in early May 2018 by Manager Gareth Southgate, that Kane would lead the team in The Cup, and Southgate went on to say that “He [Kane] has a belief and high standards and it is a great message for the team to have a captain who has shown that it is possible to be one of the best in the world over a consistent period of time and that has been his drive.”

Dele Alli

Dele Alli

Alli is a stand up name who can light up this World Cup

Dele Alli has been signed to Tottenham since 2015, and throughout all of this time, he’s shown the world what he does best — goal scoring, dribbling, and off the ball movement. The 22 year old has lethal scoring ability and he’s considered one of the best young midfielders of his generation. Alli is also considered an all-round player who can skillfully play as a second striker. Alli is a stand up name who can light up this World Cup if he hits any kind of form.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling, despite being a newbie, is a great midfielder who has great strength. Sterling plays as a winger or striker, although he is most comfortable as a natural winger. Sterling has been praised for his adaptability and ability to play wide. Sterling received an award and was recognized as the Best Under 21 Playing in Europe back in 2014. This season, only two other players have outscored him and neither of them can match his 30% shot conversion. This will come in handy during The Cup.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker signed a five year contract with Tottenham in 2017. Although he’s only been with the team for a short period, today, he is one of the world’s finest right-backs. Although he is a right back, Walker has no problem defending in wide areas and using the ball in those areas. He reads the game well to anticipate where he needs to be to make an interception or to step up and win back the ball. Walker is one of the quickest in the league, and he’s shown up and shown out since his arrival, and it’s no wonder he is apart of the 2018 World Cup. He’s one of the biggest reasons the team has been able to perform as well as they have.

Marcus Rashford

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford is the most fearless player on any pitch he plays

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford plays as a forward for Manchester United and is the most fearless player on any pitch he plays. Rashford plays with a coolness and composure that you have to see in order to believe. Rashford is actually the only player in the England squad that started at a Premier League club and has never been loaned or sold. Rashford is the kind of player who can pick up the ball and drive towards either byline or goal. He’s a unbelievably talented and without a doubt, deserves his spot in this year’s World Cup.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones has been said to be England’s best defender, according to Manager Southgate. Despite some injuries, Jones was still able to secure his spot in this year’s cup. His talent never ceases to amaze. He is a brilliant machine that has had to deal with many injuries, as well as a fragile physique, however, when he’s at his best, he’s a one of a kind defender.

Final thoughts

These six men have overcome many obstacles to be picked among 23 other players to defend England this year. It seems as if England has a relatively easy group with the only standout team being Belgium. Kyle Walker said in a recent interview, however, that if England wants to take this home, they’re going to need a real miracle. We will see if England has anything up their sleeves and if these six players are going to bring it home at this year’s tournament.