The English Football Association (FA) will appeal the decision of not disciplining Manchester United’s coach, Jose Mourinho, due to his comments (rather insults, if you ask the right people) after the Newcastle United match late in 2018.

After the Manchester United’s 3-2 victory against the Newcastle United, a camera recorded the Portuguese coach making a series of comments the FA considered abusive and reprehensible, when Mourinho was leaving the field through the dressing rooms tunnel.

Mourinho has been under the speculation that his contract with Manchester United is coming to a premature end due to the poor performance his team has been having this season and the continuous verbal assaults against his own players. Cameras recorded the alleged insult from the coach and local media have ensured his message was aimed at the English sports press.

The Infamous Words

Some believe the whispering Mourinho blurted away to the camera was in his mother tongue (Portuguese) and that it was something that could be translated to something like “fu** off sons of  bi**hes”, a rather foul language for a public figure such as him, but we all know exactly who we are talking about.

However, an independent commission considered a couple of weeks ago, that coach Mourinho was innocent of the charges against him, something the Portuguese coach made very clear during the press conferences after the incident.

The FA used a person trained and specialized on lip reading to support their claim against Mourinho, but the tribunal, formed by three people, dismissed the disciplinary actions. Once the FA studied the commission’s decision, an appeal has risen and in case the court’s sentence changes, Mourinho could face an economical or sport-related penalty.

Mourinho’s Rap Sheet

This isn’t Mourinho’s first round with the FA, back in 2016, he was expelled by Mark Clattenburg because of his bad behaviour and protests on a penalty kick that wasn’t called by the referee. After that, Mourinho used offensive language against Clattenburg (according to the FA). This was on a match against Burnley.

After that, the FA opened another disciplinary file against coach Mourinho, this time, after he got expelled on a match against West Ham. This match ended on a 1-1, and Mourinho’s tantrum started when the referee pulled a card on French player Paul Pogba, for simulating a fault, Mourinho’s wrath was so over the top, that he kicked a water bottle, to show his disgust about the referee’s call.

His first offense as acting coach was when Manchester United clashed with Liverpool, when he made some comments about a referee before the match. Mourinho questioned if it would be difficult for referee Anthony Taylor to have a good performance on the match, because he lives close to Old Trafford Stadium. This match ended on a 0-0. According to ruling, coaches can’t speak about referees on the verge of a match. The FA stated that Mourinho was charged with bad behaviour because his comments were inadequate and cast doubts on the match.

We can remember coach Mourinho having lots of disciplinary problems during his two periods with Chelsea, mainly with his players, who didn’t like him at all, or a well-known case with the team’s doctor, Eva Carneiro, an action that infuriated players and fans alike. Will this last tantrum by coach Mourinho mark the end of his career on the English football world? Where will he rant, scream and curse? It is known that he has almost no friends back in Madrid, or Spain, so, only time will tell.