Football aka Soccer is a birth given right for loyal fans around the world. Every sport has their own clubs or following; however football clubs and teams take the proverbial cake when it comes to their devotees. We have seen arenas filled to the brim with screaming enthusiasts sporting their teams colors. Face paint, body markings and elaborate accessories are all a part of playing the role of the truest fan. There are car emblems and household décor to keep the football theme alive after the season denoting hardcore fanfare across the playing field. The ultimate test of loyalty comes when the team doesn’t fare well and still holds a thriving community of followers. Unlike other sports, Football cliques are not always indigenous to the teams regional locale. Interestingly, they have tremendous support from shore to shore across the globe.

Manchester United

There are two ways Manchester tops the list of legendary followers. As they say “the proof is in the pudding” or in this case the arena. In Europe, they hold the highest number of attendees at every game than any other club. Their origins date back to 1878 with the original foundation. Manchester United has gained a following for over a century which could be why they have excelled to the top globally with over 670 million fans to share their victory with.

Real Madrid

Another long timer on the list is the century old Real Madrid. With almost 200 million supporters in the world, they have reigned supreme in the eyes of their loyal admirers. Home games have an extreme display of backing with anywhere from 70,000 and 100,000 in attendance. These tidbits of data make Real Madrid a leading contender for the measure of loyal fans.


Rowdy and rambunctious are two defining words for the ever-loyal fans of Arsenal. They make their standing known with an emphasis on lively devotion to their favorite team. Winning 11 FA cups earned the team the nickname “the Gunners”. An approximate 27 million followers put their own spin to it calling themselves “the Gooners” They also publish football magazines that are dedicated to the Arsenals and their cheering crowd.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

This club is close to the 300 million fan mark. They say they are “more than a club” and are proving it every step of the way. They are a strong group of football players who have the talent and skills to bring it home. Winning championship games and tournaments alike, FC Barcelona is rising in the ranks. They have more global supporters than Real Madrid and have shown they are a force to be reckoned with. Their roster has made super star status giving them an extra edge in loyal fanfare.

Rooting for your team is a showing of encouragement to the players. The appreciation shown for their hard work helps them to achieve greater success in their football endeavors. It is often thought there is more competition in the seats than on the field. The sport of football may be seasonal, yet the loyalty and tradition of fans is timeless.