In the year of World Cup and we saw that football is a passionate sport that attracts the interest of millions of fans all over the world. For this reason, football players, especially the undoubtedly amazing ones, tend to make millions with their work. There’s no doubt the king of sports for several reasons… And one of them is money. Football is a business, and a very well-paid job.

Among the 100 best-paid athletes in the world we find 9 soccer players mixed in a list with very famous entrepreneurs and business owners Do you know who they are? No? Keep reading to find it out.

There are usually very few new faces in a list like this. After all, it takes into account last year’s income, divided between salary and advertising contracts so it’s unlikely that new-comers make an appearance. Thus, the two players with the highest income in the world are, effectively, Leo Messi (111 million dollars in 2017) and Cristiano Ronaldo (108 million dollars). Behind, closing the podium, is Neymar, with 90 million billed in 2017.

But not only that; Messi and CR7 are ranked as the 2nd and 3rd best-paid athletes in the world, second only to Floyd Mayweather with 285 million only in 2017! Neymar, on the other hand, is 5th in the world. Conor McGregor is in the 4th position with 99 million. It’s clear that the Mayweather-McGregor bout delivered huge profits to both.

But let’s continue with football, the list of the highest income players in the world takes a sidereal jump when it falls off the podium with Gareth Bale, 4th on the list (35th among athletes). He won only 34.6 million in 2017 less than half of what Neymar made.

In any case, the dominance of Spanish La Liga is overwhelming (more specifically Barça and Madrid) in this regard. Among the 4 players with more income in the world, 3 of them are part of both teams. But also keep in mind that Neymar, now in Real Madrid, was part of Barça until July last year. In 5th place of the 2018 List of the highest paid players in the world is the Manchester United’s French player, Paul Pogba. Although his last campaigns have been a bit under his standards, the Frenchman has not had problems winning about 29.5 million dollars.

A position below is Oscar, an exotic appearance. The Brazilian, signed by Chelsea for the Shanghai From the Chinese Super League at the time of maximum expansion, scored 27.4 million in his current account last year. Seventh in the list is Wayne Rooney, whose move from United to Everton has not depleted (at the moment), his income: 27 million dollars in 2017.
Closing in 8th and 9th place are two gunmen: Luis Suárez (FC Barcelona, ​​26.9 million) and Kun Agüero (Manchester City, 23.5 million) completing the list of the highest paid players of the year. Football is passion… And business. That’s why players have started to get paid as if they were Hollywood stars.