Football is different than the Americans version of the name and game. In the United States, Football is a contact sport with one ball, two teams and a whole lot of tackling. The rest of the world has a different focus when it comes to the field. Association Football aka Soccer, is a competitive and driven sport. There are many similarities between the two and several debates on the claim to fame when it comes to the sporty name.

There is no determination as to which of the two versions of football are more popular. Demographically speaking, the U.S. sport is limited to the States while Association Football touches several countries. We are going to review how the two are alike and review their differences in hopes to settle the long running score.

Football and Association Football

The first similarity is the number of teams and players per game. Two teams vie for victory with eleven players on each side. Another main idea that runs the same is winning the game. To win by scoring points by placing the ball in a specific zone is the goal for each team. This also includes one of the major differences in how the games are played. Football has a touchdown line and field goal posts that both consist of a different scoring system. Association Football or soccer has a goal net that is defended by the other team at the entrance of the point arena. Another way the two are opposite ends of the sporting spectrum is the gear needed for game day. Football is a full-on collision requiring speed, endurance and a powerhouse of strength. These skills are used to block, tackle or simply outrun their opponents. Due to the heavy impact, players are suited in various pads and a helmet to prevent additional injuries. Association Football holds a keen level of skill and players who are fast on their feet. The same concept of blocking is a priority; however, they are not a full contact sport. This lessens the need for additional equipment than the typical guards.

Football and Association Football

Football Players

Due to the nature of the game, Football in America has a prerequisite in terms of height and weight to qualify for the pros. Association Football has no minimum or maximum although they say the taller players are good for defense. They also do not have the same restrictions on who can play. The NFL has guidelines that prevent amateur level players from competing for any championship or title. In Association Football, anyone who has the talent can play and compete through the ranks. The opportunities for the big win present itself one time a year at the Superbowl for Football fans whereas several scheduled championship level games are planned annually.

Both forms of football are riveting with a broad fan base. Strategic plays, a lot of practice and a dedicated team are sure to triumph when it is all said and done. We may not have uncovered a secret that distinguishes a clear winner, yet enthusiasts around the world will sport their team’s colors and cheer them on until the end.