Sometimes we wait weeks and weeks for that match we’ve been looking forward to, the revenge for last season’s match, that new player debuting with certain teams for the first time, the league’s finale, or just that 4th division match that isn’t broadcasted on the telly.  As we’re here for you, we have gathered a short list with the best football stream sites (both paid and free) so you don’t ever miss that important match.

Roja Directa

Roja Directa is a Spanish spoken portal that has lots and lots of different games playing in different languages, there might be Spanish, French, English, or whatever country they take their signal from, as a side note, we can say that even some NFL games get broadcasted there. Roja Directa has been broadcasting Football matches for over 8 years, focusing on the European leagues and Latin American ones, with a quality that isn’t half bad, besides of being quite intuitive is easy to use. Just enter the website and you can see all matches broadcasted that day, with their schedules.  It also has recorded matches, summaries of the matches and press conferences of almost all important matches.

Batman Stream

Don’t get confused, it doesn’t have anything to do with the dark knight, Batman Stream is (said by many on their live chat) one of the best sports streaming services on the net, not only featuring Football, but also Baseball, Basketball and many, other sports. What drew our attention is that it has the feature of allowing you to watch any match with your tablet or smartphone thanks to the responsive design of their website which adapts to any screen size you have. As in the majority of streaming sites, they put ads to pay for their services, so you need to be patient and wait for those to end, once the ad has finished, close it, as you are ready and set to enjoy the match ahead of you.


EliteGolTv is a sports broadcast platform on a worldwide spectrum. There you can watch live and recorded matches, at any time, for free whenever and wherever you want. The platform’s language is Spanish, but it’s easily decoded by watching the little flags over the matches. They offer matches from the Premier League, Champions League, the whole European League, even Libertadores Cup (South America), so they’ve got everything one might wish for, at least when it comes to watching football for free.

Sport CategoryTV

One of the most recommended sites to watch football matches live is Sport CategoryTV and also many other sports such as tennis, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball or individual sports like Boxing, MMA, Darts and Motorsports and other entertainment, like NASCAR (if you are into that). Sport CategoryTV was known as Sport Lemon TV but they shut it down and proceeded to put up this site, that despite lemon’s glory, lives up to the task it was designed for. English spoken site, very intuitive and full of features that makes it one of the best choices on the web.