A couple of months have passed since the end of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and now that the emotions have settled down and the world has started to live normally, there are plenty of lessons everybody has had the opportunity to learn; let’s see which ones are the lessons learned as a whole.

Football as a Mean to Unify a Nation

If a government wants to unify a country, it ought to invest more resources into the sport. The effectiveness of this has been proven more than once. A huge example of this is Colombia, they went hard and surpassed all expectations. Colombian government has invested money and effort into sports and the results were shown in this World Cup, they also invest in other sports such as cycling, volleyball and athleticism. According to experts, a well-managed sport program can be a huge motivator to youth, and for the public eye, sports bring the people together since everyone’s cheering for the common team.

A Leader is Better Than a Boss

A leader is more important than a boss. A united technical team works better than sheer individualistic players. But beware, a balance between both perspectives is necessary. Unity is born when coherence and consistency are achieved by the team’s actions and this is always achieved from top to bottom. The only way to demand is by giving the example, showing our capabilities and skills to manage, leading the team, showing players how it is done by doing little things such as showing up on time, being respectful and professional, so respect is shown both ways. In other teams, the contrary has happened, the coach and managers are disrespected, or at least are openly questioned on their methods.


To be prepared to compete is a must. Results are hardly dependant on luck, but on effort and discipline. There are months, even years dedicated to preparation, and while many try this, only a handful are able to achieve this task. Constancy, perseverance, desire and passion are fundamental for the success of this lesson. The FIFA World Cup is, above all, an acknowledgement of all the accumulated effort, training and being apart from family that players and teams have done in four years.

Family Time

Many have taken advantage of the World Cup to enjoy time with family and friends, which is very good. Lots of positive energies, a lot of joy, family bonding and a way to share moments with neighbours, acquaintances and friends. Is there anything more valuable than that? Fathers and sons traveled to Russia just to share the dream of being together enjoying their favourite sport. Whole families get together for social gatherings having as the main event a match on the telly, all rooting for their national teams while watching it.

A particular famous story is the one involving a couple of Brazilian brothers, sons of the world famous Clovis Acosta Fernandes AKA ‘Gaucho da Copa‘, who continue their father tradition after he passed away back in 2015.