Football has become one of the most important sports in the world, and also, the king of bets. Football bets represent nearly 70% of all online gambling, on all of the Internet’s gambling sites. Let us explain further, and by giving you advice, you can win (or at least that’s what we hope will happen).

There are, literally, hundreds (if not thousands) of different kinds of bets available for most matches, if the match is an important one, you can already bet there will be bets for that match. Want a slice of the action? Read on.

What Matches Are Good For Gambling?

Now that you’ve decided to gamble on football, next step is selecting the matches to bet on, we’re focusing on Europe’s gamblers (mainly because other continent’s leagues don’t pay as much or are uninteresting for most football lovers, the less amount of people gambling in something, means less money is going to fall into your pockets.

The world’s most exciting (and some might say overrated) league, depending on your own perspective, this league’s season happens from August to May.  Even during summer break, you can keep on betting ahead of the matches or some special bets, these are about transfers and signings.

The leaderboard is almost always tight, with several teams pursuing the title tooth and nails each year. This is a great advantage, compared with other renowned European leagues, where there’s a clear favourite before the season even starts.

When it comes to clubs, this is the the most prestigious league of the whole world, there are no competitors here, the best of the best European teams  clashing among them to compete for the “champion of Europe” title. The early stages start on summer, but the competition starts with the group stage, from September to December.

Who Should You Bet For?

The soft hearted person would say some nonsense like follow your heart, or “bet on the one you like best”, well, betting doesn’t like that. Gambling works with information. Information will give you an edge when it comes to knowing what team is worthy your bet, and which isn’t. Having a trustworthy sport-news blog, or a sport blog, is one way to achieve the goal here. Injuries, red cards, infractions and last minute changes can change the tide of a game, making your bet shake in panic for the coming loss. A way to prevent this, is to follow the news, the teams, on twitter, it’s a great idea, because the news are told on real time.

What Are The Bet Categories?

So, there are many different ways to gamble, you can bet in many different things, some are easy to learn and very established, meanwhile others are more “fun” and eliminate the “chance” out of the equation.

The most popular is “Bet on the winner” which is very straightforward and self explanatory, you place your bet on the winner. Then there’s the one called “both teams score” here’s an easy one, just a yes/no question on whether both teams will score or not. A hard one would be “right score” in this category, you bet on the precise score, earnings tend to be crazy high. Then there’s the “first goal” where you place your bet on the player (you think) will score the first goal. And last but not least, “handicap” this one is a little bizarre, you place a handicap on a team, to make things “even” on the field of play, and the team must overcome this for you to win (or lose). For those who don’t have lots of free time, there’s “in advance” in this kind of bet, you place your money on the winner of a league as soon as the league starts.