In many aspects, Modric’s history is well-known since the day he played professionally for the very first time. His career has been rising ever since, there has been quite an amount of transfers and many, many trophies. What Luka Modric has become today, is the logical conclusion to years of hard work, and to eliminate all the obstacles on his way.

Luka abandoned NK Zadar when he was 16 and played with Dinamo Zagreb, in a transfer that ended up putting him on the Bosnian team HSK Zrinjski Mostar (What a tongue twister!). There he played his first match as a pro player before turning 18, and ended the season being the best player of the Bosnian league.

In spite of this huge recognition for such a young player, Dinamo Zagreb handed Modric back to a team on his previous Croatian league (Prava HNL), to the Inter Zapresic, in which he got second on the qualifying rounds.

After those two sessions, the club from Croatia’s Capital had Modric on their list for the next four season and he got to Tottenham on 2008 having won three leagues, two Croatia Cups and a Super Cup, matching the most expensive recruitment on the team, Darren Bent’s 16.5 million pound sterlings (around 20 million Euros)

Modric defended the HotSpurs colours for four seasons before getting signed up with Spanish team Real Madrid on the summer of 2012, after several weeks of hard negotiations that closed with a sweet 30 million Euros deal. Since his arrival, the Croatian has become one of the 11 names on the list of the main lineup of the team. With him on the ranks, Real Madrid has won 4 Champions League, 3 Europe Supercups, three World Clubs, 1 League, 1 Copa del Rey, and two Spain Supercups.

FIFA World Cup

On the last five years, the time Luka has been on Spain, he has shown every single day his relevance on Real Madrid. The white club casts a large shadow with all the stars it has, but his football skills, determination, and teamwork have made him shine like no other, after several changes, everybody noticed the ship had a Croatian captain. The team’s winning cycle was thanks to him.

In football history, there are plenty of stories of great players who didn’t win matches just by not understanding our beloved sport is played as a team, even if you’re considered the best player in the whole world, the team comes first. Always. But, as a different star, Luka has known how to turn a team into greatness, making the whole group be the star too. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Luka Modric showed his skills to the service of the greater good, his teammates, and refused to do it the other way around. The Croatian was the first leading his team to victory.

Sub Champion of the world on Russia, chosen as the best player on the Champions League and best player according to FIFA, “The Best” has the most beautiful and exciting story, when it comes to overcome difficulties and move forward.