Transfer season has started at the Athletic Club and Ander Herrera is ought to become one of the candidates to rule over the Spanish club. The Manchester United’s midfielder ends his contract next summer. His retirement from the team seems almost a given, since Mourinho hasn’t spoken to him about a contract renewal.

However, the Athletic is not the only team that has shown interest in Herrera. Other clubs such as AC Milan want to offer the Spanish player, a chance to lead the Italian project. The Athletic has its hopes up when it comes to this player, but the Barcelona FC, has set itself into destroying this trade.

The red and blue team has not lost sight of Ander Herrera and is willing to offer him a spot on its grid once he’s freed from Manchester United legal obligation. Herrera’s game style adapts perfectly to Barcelona’s play style and for the club, a player with these abilities would be an important acquisition for the whole team, and the Athletic Club is aware of all of this.

Prices on The Rise

With AC Milan, Athletic Club and Barcelona FC showing interest on Herrera, it’s more than logical that his price has been rising like champagne foam. Ander is aiming to become one of the most wanted free agents next January when his contract with Manchester United comes to an end. Any club will be able to recruit him to their ranks. Meanwhile, Athletic is pointing to be the main candidate to become a free agent next summer, but some strong competition will be held.

According to Calciomercato, AC Milán has  Ander’s name on their top list, highlighted in red, capital letters. The Italian assemble is willing to call the current economic situation that the player has in England to convince him to go to the Mediterranean country, so Athletic has to bid harder if they really want this player on their list.

Not Only Teams Sabotage Transfers

Lionel Messi is moving and twitching with his influences to avoid Neymar joining Real Madrid. Barcelona’s number 10 wouldn’t like to see his former teammate join the ranks of his rival team, so he’s trying to convince his friend not to sign with Real Madrid.

Barcelona players wouldn’t like Neymar to dress in white next season. The Brazilian player left his mark deep with the Catalan team and established a good friendship with his teammates on the lockers, it would be not fun for them to have Neymar on the opposite side of the field.

Messi was the first to try to sabotage Neymar’s transfer with Real Madrid and has even tried convincing Neymar to come back to Barcelona FC, thing that would be impossible. Before the possibility of getting bought by Madrid, the Argentine player has tried to convince his friend to try to get to the Premier League. Only time will tell what happens with all these moves and changes. They sure will make for an interesting football season all next year.