Diego Simeone, a Name That Spells Stability for The Atletico

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Diego Pablo Simeone started his eighth season in charge of Atletico de Madrid on 2011 after Gregorio Manzano got fired. The best thing “Cholo” (as he is called), besides the six titles under his command, is of course, his stability. In the 115 years of history of this club, there hadn’t been a single manager who had managed to stay this many seasons in charge of the team, that’s something else, if you ask us.

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Keep Them on Sight: Relevant Players of 2018

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Players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Buffon are getting a little old (well, for Football standards) so, now, we need to be on the lookout for the guys who seem to be the next generation of players to come to the spotlights of all football competitions.

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The Good, The Old And The Young (of Latin American Football)

Posted by on Aug 29, 2018 in Blog |

Football is the king of sports, and in every continent, there are influential players who shape the way in which our beloved sport is played. The tricks, the technique, the goals, the players, everybody talks about them, men celebrate their victories, women dream about them and kids want to be like those stars. Here’s what we think the pantheon of Latin American players should look like.

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Never Miss a Game! Best Football Stream Sites

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Sometimes we wait weeks and weeks for that match we’ve been looking forward to, the revenge for last season’s match, that new player debuting with certain teams for the first time, the league’s finale, or just that 4th division match that isn’t broadcasted on the telly.  As we’re here for you, we have gathered a short list with the best football stream sites (both paid and free) so you don’t ever miss that important match.

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Lionel Messi And The Sociology Behind The Sport

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There’s no doubt that the most popular sport in the world changes the way we live our lives.  It matters little if you’re a fan or not, it doesn’t matter if you go to the matches or not and it’s even less important if you understand the sport at all.  We need to understand that football goes further than being just “a game” and, in fact, our modern culture is shaped by football in ways we can’t even realize.

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