Italy is known for a lot of things, like pizza and pastas, gelato, its ancient history of conquest, determination, and its avid explorers who shaped the world and discovered its beauty. But one thing we shouldn’t forget is its amazing football history. Here we present what we think are the top 5 best Italian football players of all times.

Giuseppe Meazza

Giuseppe Meazza, was a world champion with Italy on the 30’s, and Meazza is remembered as one of the best Italian attackers that Italy has had. In fact, at a time in which football wasn’t very popular, he was considered one of the best players on the world. After his death, rivalring Milan teams put aside their difference and named the field they shared after him.

Paolo Rossi

Another of those “legendary” players who has known the joy of winning a world cup was Rossi.  Back in the Spain 82’ world cup, after a rough start in which he was highly criticized, he managed to changed it all around. By the end of the world cup, the FIFA Golden Ball was awarded to him. He’s also included on FIFA’s 100 best players of the twentieth century list.

Dino Zoff

With more than one hundred matches defending Italy’s Goal line, a World Cup upon his shoulders and an era when Italy received nearly no goals, mark the legend of this goalie.  His personal record stands as more than one thousand minutes without a goal, or, eleven matches, quite the show.

Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio is present in all lists ranking the world’s best players, Baggio was a striker who liked playing with the ball and showing off his technique.  He scored over 300 goals on official matches, nearly 30 with the Italian team.  Baggio is one of Italy’s top scorers, we was loved by millions who shouted his name.  All his career happened inside Italy, playing only for Italian clubs.  Thanks to him, in FIFA World Cup USA 94’ Brazil was crowned the champion after he missed his penalty kick, giving Dunga’s team the victory.  The last club he played with, Brescia, retired the number 10 shirt (the one he used) on his honour.

Gianluigi Buffon

No Italian list would be complete without Buffon.  When Italians idealize a keeper, they think about a muscular man standing more than 1.90, that would pose a threat to any striker  Their prayers were answered with Buffon, who is one of those “nearly impossible to score” kind of keeper, in fact, his talent and good looks make Buffon one of the best goalkeepers in history.

These men are, according to us, the top 5 best Italian football players of all times.  As you can see, Italy focuses on their offensive play, not diminishing their defensive power, it is not difficult to see why Italy is one of the country that holds 4 FIFA world cups. Italy is one of those teams you better not joke around with, and even though they didn’t make it to the 2018’s world cup, they still are a major force in European football.