The famous stadiums in English Football – part 2

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Over the years the Premier League has been the envy of other football nations around the world for the excitement of the games that are played. While England may not have the same international players as some other countries it has a league where the very best side can be beaten by the bottom sides. One factor that contributes to the excitement of the leagues is the stadiums that the games are played in. Throughout the country week after week stadiums are packed out.

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The famous stadiums in English Football – part 1

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The Football stadiums in English football are known around the world. The popularity of the club sides are closely linked to the name of their grounds  and with the game being so well attended the clubs try and maximize the numbers of spectators that they can get through the turnstiles for each of their home games. A great number of the Stadiums were built at the start of the 20th century and many had the sole purpose of getting as many people into see the games as was possible.

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The history of professional football in England

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Professional football was first officially introduced in England in 1885. The rules of the game had only been confirmed in 1865 by the Football Association that had been created in 1863, and the first FA cup final was held in 1872. The situation between 1872 and 1885 was unusual as the game was supposed to be amateur yet many of the sides shamelessly ignored the rules and would pay their star players.

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