This game stopped being a sport a long time ago to become a business, so the football that awaits us in the years to come will have new characteristics to which each player needs to adapt. Either every talented player gets used to it or not, but only those who easily adapt will be able to play in the most competitive leagues. Keep reading to find out the qualities that the soccer player of the future will have to adopt as their own.

Understanding of The Game

A player must not only have talent and excellent behavior, but also know how to read a game. Decide well, give a pass when needed, handle the rhythm and know how to run the court. Xavi, Iniesta, Kroos, Alonso, Gerrard, Pirlo are that kind of players who understand the game like only a few are capable of. For a talented player who learns to decipher the different situations that a match offers, success is assured.

Team Before Individuality

The Sao Paulo of Telé Santana, the Holland of Rinus Michels, the Milan of Arrigo Sacchi, the Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. All these teams were built from the conception that the collective, made up of great individuals, maximizes the best conditions of any football expression. Football is a team game and world stars stand out thanks to the support of the group. Nobody plays alone.


Not all players are required to score, but the modern conditions of this game require that players, whatever the position in which they play, must support to the defensive tasks. The talented ones must not only play in attack, they also have the obligation to help the team in defensive situations. Engagement with the game is not to be replaced. Isco and James are perfect models of this classic talent, which depending on the team, can make the journey throughout the band.

Adapt to Any Situation of The Game

A game, in each play, offers different paths that conclude in different actions. Each situation offers a scenario to either of the teams. The player must be ready for everything. Expulsions, injuries, quick goals and arbitration errors are part of the game. The player who understands that and has the head to overcome any adversity will have the recipe for success.

Tactical Evolution

Isco and James Rodriguez represent the model of that player who understands that football evolves and that to stay active, you have to grow in tactics. Learning to mark, to touch, to move, to decide well, is learned in training, but with the passage of time each one must perfect the defects to become a complete player. “I’m not right”, “I can only play in the middle” should be no longer uttered.

The football player of the future adapts to any position. The player who does not grow, stagnates. Football is almost a dogma of faith, so this list of qualities presents a brief summation of what the soccer player of the future will have to adopt as their own to overcome and survive on this competitive sport.