Facts You Should Know About The World Cup

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Anyone with a pulse has heard of the World Cup. It is the event of epic proportions that captivates the world’s attention every 4 years. Football aka Soccer is the most popular sport to date with loyal fans and spectators who never miss a game. The FIFA World Cup Tournament is the largest sporting experience outside of the Olympics. With all of the sports classes, Football ranks the highest across all of the countries except for the United States who still participate in the event. FIFA stands for the “Federation Internationale de Football Association”.  The Association is the foundation of Football forming guidelines, happenings and organizing the roster along the way. They are responsible for maintaining and developing Football as both a sport and a tradition.

FIFA World Cup Facts

Only occurring every Four Years, the anticipation for the World cup is felt on a global scale. The energy is so palpable it creates a sense unity among the masses. This intrinsic vibe lasts only until it s time to stand behind your colors. Each country who partake in the World cup has a distinct team and following. A competitive stance is taken, and weeks of competitions unfold. FIFA is the umbrella of the tournaments whereas the country holding the games are the host. The Federation promotes and ensures the official templates while the host decides how little or elaborate the event will be. Most invest millions to low billions of dollars as host. Brazil spent 15 Billion itself which is more than all of the other countries combines. The festive atmosphere is on display for the whole world to see making the hosting plans almost as spirited as the game itself. Unlike the Olympics, several stadiums are utilized for each World Cup Tournament. FIFA has strict rules that each country must follow. Stadium codes include capacity, media allowances, and a restriction on advertising or promotions throughout the event. Not all of the Stadiums are near one another. It is noted they may be close to 2,000 miles apart indicating quite the journey for teams. The Cup is the final battle for the win. During the years in between Cup Tournaments, smaller matches detail the team line up taking the best of the best for the trophy. Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, a Third Place Playoff and the Final Match are known as the gripping white knuckle portion of the Sport. The FIFA not only provides the triumphant team a trophy, they also receive a modest sum of 35 Million dollars. The 2nd place team will be awarded 25 Million for their undeniable tenacity and sportsmanship.

FIFA World Cup Facts

FIFA World Cup Facts

The World Cup is an event that never seems to end. Even after the Stadium lights are turned off, celebrations erupt despite if they won or lost. Of course disappointments are always a part of any competition, however the teams are not dismayed by the outcome. They ready for the next season with a show of valor for their fans. The champion will train to keep their winning status while the rest prepare to make it their own in four short years.

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Football for All Ages

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They say you are never too old to learn new tricks, however what about being too young? When it comes to sports, you will find a variety of ages signing up for the team. Football in particular has an early access for aspiring players. The sport itself is top rated worldwide bringing spotlighted attention to the field. With all of the attention and fanfare, becoming a Football player is an ultimate dream for some children.

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The Clever Aspects of Football

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Football is noted as a quick and clever sport. The name is derived from the usage of a player’s foot to field a win for their team. Hands on tactics need not apply during the game as the teams center their skill using their kicks, stops and maneuvering the ball mostly with their lower body. When we look at various sports, the three main balls of choice remain Association Football. American Football and Baseball. You can typically tell by their uniform which suit belongs on their respective field. Association Football players wear cool and colorful shorts and shirt with shin guards or pads and appropriate boot style shoes.

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Did You Know the Football Referee Wasn’t Always There?

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It’s a little-known fact that football referees were not necessary in the early beginnings of the sport back in 1846. Players and technical directors trusted in the chivalry and honesty of the rival team (looks like things have changed quite a bit, huh?). At the time, all disputes were resolved between the captains as true “gentlemen”.

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The 3 Stadiums with The Highest Capacity in The World

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To the surprise of many, the stadium holding the greatest capacity of seated spectators in the world is not Camp Nou, Maracana or the Azteca stadium. Moreover, it’s not even found in Europe or in America. That’s right, the stadium with the highest capacity in the world is the Rungrado May Day Stadium. Built in North Korea, an Asian country with little football tradition (if any).

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Sprained Ankle and Knee, The Most Common Injuries in Footballers

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In a match, a soccer player easily can run a race of 30 or 40 meters at full speed, then stop and change directions in a matter of seconds. These constant and intense changes of rhythms are very aggressive on the body, even a highly trained one. These intense changes can produce a sprain, a very common injury in football players.

Being football one of the most intense and tough sports that exist, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that injuries are the order of the day. Although it is rough, perhaps not so much at the level of resistance as there are other sports such as marathon and cycling that are much more demanding in this regard. However, in terms of the structure of the human body, football is much more aggressive. These are the most common injuries in footballers:

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